“ ‘Reading’ maketh a full man; ‘conference’ a ready man and ‘writing’ an exact man”, says Francis Bacon. ‘Reading’ for drawing out and cultivating excellence must be purposive, conscious probing, provoking and stimulating. Similarly ‘Conference’ should be with those who are intellectual enough to enlighten, elucidate and examine the view point. ‘Writing’ without sincere effort will frustrate its purpose. ‘Reading, writing and conference’ are not isolated activities. They constitute the shades of the total impression which can be called education. Proper education with emphasis on moral values leads to the fostering of the free development of the personality through unhampered unfolding of innate qualities. It helps us the flowering of the creative potentiality and in bringing out the inherent faculty of man. It leads to the awakening of intelligence and flowering of an integrated life. One of the important tasks of education is to produce men integrated with their environment. In fact, one’s moral and creative nature is unique and hence, education provides each individual with a language and culture through which he can explore himself and the world.

We, the Congregation of Daughters of Charity of St.Vincent De Paul are committed to follow the footsteps of our founder St.Vincent De Paul, a great visionary,educationalist and social reformer.The school was inaugurated in 2001 on the request of parents to give quality education at easily accessible distance. St. Catheriane’s School Vellanchira,Thrissur District is a Christian(Catholic) Minority Institution, established and administered by St. Catherine Educational and Charitable Trust belonging to the Daughters of Charity of St.Vincent De Paul,Province of South India. The School has at present 450 students and the infrastructure suits the needs of the students.

The school is equipped with library, well furnished computer lab and a composite lab for the purpose of science and mathematics. St.Catherine’s English Medium School,is an academic fraternity of individuals dedicated to the motto-‘Let Your Light Shine’.We strive to reach our to the star of perfection through an earnest academic pursuit to create citizens enlightened and conscious towards contributing their best for the society and country at large. Our efforts blossom in young minds a love for service through our creative and emphathetic involvement in society, to transform it. St.Chaterines School is a nurturing ground for an individual’s holistic development to make effective contribution to the society in dynamic environment. The holistic development for an individual is attained through academic excellence, professional competence, personal, interpersonal and societal skill.

The school is committed to its mission and vision in all its endeavours. Holistic development involves our participation in our national dreams and aspiration and our dedication to promote national integration and religious harmony